Making space more accessible for everyone.

National astronomy and geology research, right here in Manitoba.

What We Do at ManitobaSat-1

On a National Scale

The Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP) is a national initiative by the Canadian Space Agency to provide opportunities for students to participate in space missions. This grant funds a province-wide effort to design, build, and launch cubesats which house scientific payloads that perform valuable research. Click here for more info!

In Our Province

The ManitobaSat-1 satellite payload contains various meteorite samples that will be sent back to space in order to observe their change over time. This research is supplemental to NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission, which seeks to collect and study samples from the asteroid Bennu. In addition to geology the satellite will also include an experimental gnomon, which is a device that determines satellite orientation using a shadow cast by the sun. As a part of our outreach efforts, the gnomon experiment is designed by the Space Club students from école Stonewall Centennial School.