Find out about who's on the team!

And of course, how to contact us.

About the team:

Where are we from?

Our interdisciplinary team consists of students and faculty members from the University of Manitoba in collaboration with the U of M Space Technology and Advanced Research Lab (STAR Lab), University of Winnipeg, York University, Interlake School Division, and Magellan Aerospace.

a TSAT satellite prototype floats in orbit over the earth

Meet our team leads!

  • Dr. Philip Ferguson --- Principal Investigator, Faculty Advisor
  • Dr. Witold Kinsner --- Faculty Advisor
  • Jaime Campos --- Project Manager, Operations
  • Matthew Driedger --- Mechanical/Structure, Payload
  • Valorie Platero --- Communications, Electrical/Power, Outreach
  • Aimee Carvey --- Thermal, Assembly Integration & Testing
  • Amin Yahyaabadi --- Command & Data Handling
  • Rishabh Sahani --- Attitude Determination & Control
  • Tamkin Rahman --- Flight Software
  • Sawyer Rempel --- Ground Station
  • Varsha Parthasarathy --- Systems
  • Maria Nickel –-- Educational Lead @CDNSpacegal

Contact Information

Engineering Information & Technology Complex (EITC)
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB.